Parking & Drop-Off Info for Dark Harbor Show Dates

Easy as 1, 2, 3. And easier than parallel parking:

  1. Park Off-Site at the designated Off-Site PARKING LOT located at:

     Catalina Landing (see below for map)

  2. ID badge: You will need this to park in the Off-Site Parking Lot and to get onto the site (The Queen Mary).

  3. Shuttle Bus: There will be continuous shuttle buses circling the route from the Off-Site Parking Lot to The Queen Mary. Please budget time for at least ten minutes between each pick-up.

    Once at The Queen Mary, ENTER through the Wharf Gate. At the end of the night, EXIT through Gate 5 (by Carnival).


Be sure to anticipate traffic when driving into work. Allow for extra time to park and shuttle.

Please plan for at least an additional 30-minutes to get onto the property after parking/waiting for a shuttle...the shuttles have to wait in traffic too.