The Mazes

Every year the spirits of the Queen Mary come together for 23 horrendous nights to not only bring their stories to life… but also to collect a few souls who dare to enter The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.

Outdoor / Off-Ship Mazes



It’s the night before a dust-covered, rickety old circus opens to the public. Sneak beyond the curtains to unveil the horrors lurking within the shadows of the Big Top. Hosting a menagerie of monsters and sinister creatures, the one and only Ringmaster returns with unadulterated and unbelievable horrors for all who step inside her Circus...



All Aboard! The Ghost Train waits... a phantom coach forces the Queen Mary’s original ship builder to relive his wicked wrongdoings to shipyard mates, Scottish brethren and plagued family that led to the Iron Hell his soul rots away in. Follow the spine-chilling path to an evil sea witch where a deadly pact was made spawning the Iron Master who is forever trapped aboard the Intrepid.



A monstrous freak wave has hit the legendary Queen Mary, causing the ship to nearly capsize. The ocean liner is near a full breach and quickly taking on water as she tilts on her side. Chaos has descended as the passengers and crew are left disoriented and confused in the fight for survival, many plummeting into darkness or the tumultuous ocean. The Captain and the crew are hard at work trying to salvage the ship after the Rogue wave...Or are they?

On-Ship Mazes


A series of inhuman crimes tormented the Queen Mary passengers during a cross- Atlantic voyage in October of 1948. Follow the lead detective on the scene as he uncovers the truth behind one of the most savage criminals to even invade the luxury liner: Samuel. The investigation follows a sinister journey filled with terrifying twists and turns that point to the most infamous stateroom on the ship... B340



It has been long rumored that Mary, the little who drowned in the First Class Swimming Pool in 1952, has haunted the depths of the luxury liner since her untimely demise. Many experts theorize the haunting derives from Mary’s spirit attaching itself to the little girls stuffed toy bear. Perhaps the bear is the one that hols the gloomy secrets and murky past of the wicked Scary Mary, and why she still sings her eternal Lullaby.



Chop-Chop! It’s time to report for duty as the new line cook on board the famous Queen Mary. However, all is not what it seems as the kitchens have gone dark and the smell of rank, rotting meat fills the air. From dinner service to the kitchens, the vengeful spirit of Chef washes back from the watery grave to serve the high class passengers aboard The Queen Mary. Face the souls of poisoned travelers, gruesome ship staff and of course, Chef himself, now serving the living to the dead. Let the Feast begin!