Comp Tickets                                                                                   

Each employee will receive four (4) Comp Tickets valid on select nights, listed above. Lost tickets will not be replaced. That would be like asking your friend to re-gift you a birthday present because you lost the original one. So keep those tix secure and don't lose 'em. 

Use your comps tickets by October 13th
**Comp Ticket Nights of Use: Thurs 9/26, Sun 9/29, Thurs 10/3, Sun 10/6, Thurs 10/10, Sun 10/13


Complimentary tickets have no cash value and are not to be sold. The sale or unauthorized transfer of comp tickets may be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination.

Non-Corporate Speak: Complimentary tickets are a nice perk from your employer.  They are not an entitlement.  They’re basically a rad “thank you” gift.  So treat them as such.

Your comp tickets can make a huge difference in helping friends and loved ones experience the world you and your fellow company members work so hard to create.  Do not abuse this privilege.