Contact Info & Communication Procedures

All forms of communication must take place by either email, JotForm, or phone (text/voice).
Other forms of communication? Private Facebook messages?! Nope. Nope. Nope.


Talent Team Phone #: (562) 480-3616

Running late?
We prefer text if you are able (i.e. you are riding the bus, walking, or are getting a ride). However, if you're driving, please call. Please do not text and drive.

Last-minute cancellation?
Inform the Talent Management Team by text if you can (Please do not text while driving). If unable to text, please call the Talent Phone #. If nobody can pick up, please make sure to leave a voicemail letting us know you are cancelling. If you still have not heard back from us after an hour, please follow up via email.

Christopher Walken Impression?

Facebook Group:

Talent Team Email:

Is it after 3 PM on a Show Day? If so, DO NOT EMAIL about anything pertaining to tonight's show. We will not see your email in time.

Please feel free to email about other non-urgent matters at any time.

General Communication Notes:

  • Reply promptly / ASAP to everything. This includes emails, forms, calls, or texts.

    • Back-Ups should specifically respond immediately to a call, email, or text. If there is no response, we will have no choice but to contact the next Back-Up on the list.

  • Always let us know your first and last name in all forms of communication:

    • Calling? Say it. And then please spell it. Really. Even if your name is Bob Smith. B-O-B. S-M-I-T-H.

    • Texting? Type it. Begin a text with "This is Bob Smith" or end a text with "- Bob Smith"

    • Emailing? Sign it.
      Bob Smith

  • Every time you receive a message from us, please confirm you have received it. If there are no further instructions, simply respond with:

Got it

  • When leaving a voicemail, always tell us your phone number. Even if you think we have it. Please speak slowly and articulate your words. And numbers.

Communication on Show Days

Running Late: Let us know ASAP by contacting us via the Talent Phone #: (562) 480-3616.  
We prefer a text if you’re able (ie. Riding the bus, walking, or getting a ride).  However, if you’re driving, please call.  Do not text and drive.  


Your text message should include the following:
1 - Full Name
2 - Maze / Role
3 - Call Time (time you should be clocked-in)
4 - ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Example text message:
This is Jane Doe running late. I'm in Circus, call time 4:45, ETA 5:00 PM.

That's it. No other info or apologies. Just the cold, hard facts please.

Last-Minute Cancellation / Emergency:
Before 3 PM on a Show Day:

  • Text is our preferred method of communication. However, if you cannot text (please do not text while driving), please feel free to call. Leave a voicemail if nobody can pick up.

After 3 PM on a Show Day:

  • Inform the Talent Team by text if you can (do not text while driving). If unable to text, please call the Talent Phone. If nobody answers, leave a voicemail and follow up with an email.

Example Voicemail:

  • Hey this is Jane Doe. J-A-N-E. D-O-E.

  • It's currently 4 PM on October 28th.

  • I have a last-minute emergency and can't come in to work tonight.

  • My cell is 555-555-1234 which is the same number I called on. Again that's 555-555-1234.

  • I'm a breaker in Deadrise with a call time of 5:45 PM.

  • Thanks and see you tomorrow.


Example Follow-Up Email:

Hey DH Talent Management,

Just called the Talent Phone # and left a voicemail. I have an emergency can cannot come in to work tonight.

I can still come to work tomorrow night and will see you then.

Maze: Feast
Role: Breaker
Call Time: 5:45 PM
My Cell#: 555-555-1234