Codes: Green, Blue, & Red

Using codes helps us convey essential information quickly and with little room for misunderstanding while also preventing stress, panic, and chaos among our guests. It also helps protect the privacy of those who are involved.

Please familiarize yourself with these three Code Colors: Green (Assault / Fight), Blue (Medical Emergency), & Red (Fire). These are important for you to know in order to protect the guests and, of course, yourself.

Be sure to study your department’s handbook to ensure you would know how to respond to each code type. Any questions? Ask your department managers!

CODE GREEN: Assault / Fight (in other words: harmful behavior)


  • A guest hits another guest
  • A guest hits you
  • A guest touches you in an inappropriate manner
  • Two Monsters start physically fighting

How to remember: Green on a traffic signal indicates GO. And if people are fighting, it's often said that they're "GOING at it." And for sexual assault and inappropriate touching, you want the person to GO AWAY.

CODE BLUE: Medical Emergency


  • A guest has a seizure in a maze
  • A monster is severely injured (e.g., breaks an arm)

How to remember: A person turns "blue" after significant blood loss. In fact, that's why Code blue is designated for Medical Emergencies at hospitals across the U.S., not just here at The Queen Mary.

Another way to remember: Most traditional scrubs are a shade of blue. Scrubs = medical attention.



  • You see a fire...

How to remember: fire trucks are red.

Visual learner? I gotchu. 

CODE GREEN: Assault / Fight
CODE BLUE: Medical Emergency