Clocking In & Out

ADP Timeclocks will be located in Tower. Timeclocks will be assigned by Last Name, with your Employee Number. If you encounter a technical issue, a payroll assistant will help you and can provide a manual timesheet if needed.

Timecard accuracy is your biggest responsibility; allowing another Cast Member to clock in for you could result in disciplinary action.

You are responsible for (4) correct time punches during your shift:

  1. Arrival: When you first arrive on property at the start of your shift

  2. Lunch Start: At the start of your 30-minute lunch break

  3. Lunch End: Returning from your 30-minute lunch break

  4. Departure: When you leave at the end of your shift

Consider This

  • No fraudulent/fake entries. Trying to get paid for work you didn't do is a serious violation and will likely result in termination.

  • You're expected to clock in no more than seven (7) minutes prior to the start of a shift (i.e., don't clock in earlier to try to get more $)

  • You're also expected to clock out no more than seven (7) minutes after a shift (i.e., don't clock out later to try to get more $)
  • Need more than seven (7) minutes leeyway? That's fine, but you have to get approval from a Talent Management Team member prior to taking your early start or late stay.
  • Take your entire 30-min Meal Break. Not sure why? Mosters, see info page Meal Break ("Lunch") & Other Breaks.

Just be cool. Failure to adhere to the policies broken down above will be handled in the following manner:

  1. First Incident – Documented Verbal Warning
  2. Second Incident – Written Warning
  3. Third Incident – Disciplinary action may include reduction or elimination of future work hours.