Uniforms and Attire

Your appearance reflects you as an individual, and nobody wants to get in the way of that. But it’s also important to remember that while you work at Dark Harbor, your appearance also reflects the event and The Queen Mary. Professionalism must be displayed.

We expect you to take pride in your uniform and to maintain a professional, polished look while working. Neatness, cleanliness, and good personal hygiene are expected of all employees.

Unless you are assigned to work in a costume, you will be expected to come dressed ready for work. This means coming to work in black slacks, button down shirt and comfortable black working shoes. If you do not come in the specified uniform, regardless of position -- you will be sent home. Continued failure to comply will be grounds for disciplinary action. Let’s not take it there!

General Uniform Notes


  • Long hair must be pulled back, away from the face.

  • No heavy make-up.

  • Nails must be well-manicured, natural in color, and short in length.

  • Natural hair colors only – no extreme styles.

  • No visible tattoos – wear long sleeves if needed.

  • Men must be clean-shaven or have a well-groomed, maintained beard and/or mustache.


  • Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are not permitted.

    • Wedding & Engagement rings are the exception.

  • You may not wear any body-piercing jewelry while working (e.g., lip ring, nose stud, eyebrow ring).

    • Small earrings are the exception. However, they must be limited to one earring in each ear. No hoop earrings.